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First meet-up of 2023!

The response to our announcement of our 2023 show, 'The Addams Family - The Musical' and the number of responses we received to join our Production Team was overwhelming!  It seems that you lot are as excited as we are about bringing The Addams to life later this year!

A huge thank you to everyone who sent us applications to join the team;  the MTDXB Committee has been working at a break-neck speed behind-the-scenes, and we're pleased to share with you that we have an absolutely STELLAR Production Team in place, who are ready to get started!

So, who are they?  What's next?  When are the auditions?  When is the show going to be performed?  Can my dog join MTDXB (he's really talented!)?  All these questions and more will be answered at our FIRST MEET UP OF 2023, an informal gathering where we will introduce the team, divulge further gory details and share next steps for joining MTDXB, and auditioning for principal roles in the show. 


Full details are below, and out on our socials, but note it's THIS SUNDAY at Sunmarke School (29 Jan). Short notice, yes, but we don't have any time to spare if we want to create a show with the high production values that we know our community can bring to the stage!

While we want to see as many of your dahling faces as possible on Sunday, don't stress if you absolutely can't make it (though, what on Earth could be more important?!); further details will of course be posted to our socials and Whatsapp groups soon after the meeting. 

Looking forward to seeing you and catching up on Sunday,


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