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GREASE Cast Announcement

We've had an extremely busy weekend over at MTDXB-HQ.  With over 100 potential cast members signed up to audition for our June 2024 production of GREASE The Musical, the Production Team met with over 80 singers, actors and dancers and after a grueling two days of workshops and auditions we're so excited to finally announce our cast of 55 for this year's full-scale musical production.

Firstly, we are pleased to announce, and congratulate our GREASE PRINCIPAL CAST:

Danny Zuko: David Moore

Sandy Dumbrowski: Niamh Moore

Betty Rizzo: Kirstie Edwards

Marty: Bethanie Mitchinson

Frenchy: Alexandra White

Jan: Sophie Worrell

Kenickie: Bryn Mitchell

Roger: Sattawat Sonsin

Doody: Stephen Rixon

Sonny LaTierri: Fadi Rifai

Patty Simcox: Shona Wills

Eugene Florczyk: Matthew Corbett

Cha-Cha Degregorio: Danielle Romero

Johnny Casino: Brian Fletcher

Vince Fontaine: James Mitchinson

Teen Angel: Glenn Atkinson

Miss Lynch: Britt Mayers

And we'd also like to announce, and congratulate our GREASE ENSEMBLE CAST members (in alphabetical order):

Sara Al Hashimi, Angela Annese, Mark Botros, Amy Brown, Hayley Sophia Button, Rachel Cahill, Kerrie Campbell, Natasha Emma Catchpole, Claire Clarke, Gina Daly, Sarah Debono, Helen Dent, Luciano DiMarca, Emma Jane Dunne, Aidan Godwin, Marianne Hughes, Lana Kabo, Aysha Khan, Lindsey Larkin, Jessica Leigh, Rachel McDaid, Kirsty Mitchell, Nicoletta Modelli, Giselle Monkhouse, Ievgen Necheporenko, Kerry-Lee Nel, Ann-Katrin Reusch, Emilie Rochford, Jennifer Schmidt, Ivana Vajman Jackson & Rayvan Chad Zealand

It's great to see so many names that are new to MTDXB, and we know you'll have a great time working with us and our returning members.  Well done to everyone - we can't wait to get started with you all!

We'd also like to thank everyone who came to audition for us.  The amount of talent on show was truly amazing, but as it goes with these things, we had to make some incredibly difficult decisions in order to reach our final cast.  There will no doubt be some disappointment amongst those who didn't make the cast list, but you should all be very proud of yourselves, and we hope that you'll all come back to see us again for our next show. 

The GREASE The Musical cast start their rehearsals THIS WEEK, and will be working with our previously announced GREASE PRODUCTION TEAM who are already hard at work behind the scenes:

Musical Director:  Adam Laird
Director:  Julia Ripple
Assistant Director: Claire Bennett
Choreographer:  Bethanie Mitchinson
Assistant Choreographer: Jordan Dodd
Production Manager:  Brian Fletcher
Producer: James Mitchinson

Well done again to everyone who took part in our auditions process, and congratulations to the cast of MTDXB's GREASE The Musical, which will be performed at Sunmarke School during the first two weeks of June

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