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Elevate Your Screen Presence: TV Presenting Tips from Ti22 Films Dubai

Welcome to a special feature on the MTDXB blog, where the art of captivating an audience meets the technical finesse of professional TV presenting. It’s no secret that those of us who dabble in our love and passion for musical theatre, might also explore other facets of the performing arts, including acting, singing, modelling, and presenting.

In this unique collaboration, we've teamed up with our friends and renowned experts at Ti22 Films Dubai, a powerhouse in the realm of visual storytelling and film production. Ti22 Films is celebrated for its ability to weave compelling narratives that engage viewers across the UAE and beyond, setting a benchmark in the film and television industry. Ti22 has worked with some of the world's greatest organisations, local and international, small, and large on a range of interesting projects including corporate brand films, TV Commercials, videos for events, broadcast projects, and online content featuring local presenting talent. But what can the world of TV presenting offer to individuals looking to enhance their on-screen impact, regardless of their professional background?

In today's post, we delve into the secrets behind commanding attention and effectively conveying messages on camera. These tips are not just for aspiring TV presenters, but for anyone eager to improve their video communication skills, whether for social media, professional presentations, or virtual meetings. Drawing from their extensive experience in television production, the team at TI22 Films shares invaluable advice on enhancing your presence and making every moment in front of the camera truly memorable.

Laying the Foundation: Tips for Aspiring TV Presenters by Ti22 Films

Hone Your Skills: Start by working on your communication skills, including public speaking, voice modulation, and body language. Joining a drama club, taking acting classes, or enrolling in public speaking or presenting workshops can be incredibly beneficial.

Create a Portfolio: Build a portfolio of your work, including any video clips of you presenting, hosting events, or even practicing your skills. This portfolio can be in the form of a personal website or a YouTube channel, showcasing your presenting style and versatility.

Gain Experience: Look for opportunities to gain experience, no matter how small. This could include hosting school or community events, volunteering for local TV stations, or creating content for online platforms. Every bit of experience counts.

Observe and Learn: Pay close attention to seasoned speakers and emcees. Watch how they handle themselves on stage, manage unexpected situations, and engage with their audience. There's much to learn from their poise and delivery.

Network Within the Industry: Connect with people who have carved a niche for themselves in the TV space. Networking can open doors to opportunities and offer insights into the industry that you might not find elsewhere.

Seek Mentorship: Advice from experienced presenters can be golden. They can provide tips tailored to your strengths and weaknesses, helping you navigate the early stages of your career more effectively.

Shining On Screen: Tips for Established TV Presenters

Once you’ve made your mark and started your journey as a TV presenter, the learning doesn’t stop.

Here are tips to keep you growing and excelling in your role

Engage with Your Audience: Remember, the camera is your conduit to the viewer. Speak as if you’re having a conversation with them, maintaining eye contact through the lens, to create a more personal connection.

Stay Curious: Keep researching various topics. A well-informed presenter can talk about a multitude of subjects, making them versatile and appealing to a broader audience.

Arm Yourself with Cue Cards: Keep cue cards handy to jot down notes, ideas, and observations. They're invaluable for preparing questions for interviews and keeping track of key points during your own presentations.

Master the Art of Listening: While interviewing, listen actively. Sometimes, the most memorable part of an interview comes from a spontaneous follow-up question based on the interviewee's response.

Stay Adaptable: Be prepared to adapt to different types of content, from hard-hitting news to light-hearted entertainment. Versatility is a prized asset in a presenter.

Feedback is Your Friend: Constructive criticism can be invaluable. Seek feedback from peers and mentors and use it to refine your presenting style.

Keep Evolving: The industry is constantly changing, and so should you. Stay updated with the latest trends in TV presenting and incorporate them into your work.

Be Your Authentic Self: Authenticity resonates with audiences. Be genuine, show your personality, and let your passion for your work shine through.

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Written by Ti22 Films for the MTDXB community

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